About Us

 NazcaProjections was founded in 2016 by a team of professional traders from across the globe.We have combined our technical analysis skills, programing knowledge and observations of the market together to bring the trading community new trading software. We are making fundamentally new observations in the market to bring you trading signals you won't find anywhere else.
 We have designed and developed powerful trading tools that we ourselves use to trade on a daily basis. We are always progressive with our studies of the market and are not afraid to let go of old ideas or theories. Our approach is a statistical trading system strategy based off of real time price and volume action. Our Indicators are built by Traders for Traders, so we constantly strive to make improvements in our tools to help us adapt to the every changing market environment.
 Our Tools help to clear away the fake signals and traps that are set in the modern markets. Our software makes it easier to identify trends so you are not paralyzed by indecision when things are not going your way. Our software will provide you with the confidence to act without fear and take profitable trades when you see your setups develope. We are passionate about trading and want to help the trading community grow by sharing our continuing research and trading software developments.