• Master Shredder

This Indicator was developed from Market Maker Theory.

Market Maker Theory is based off of the idea that the FX markets are operated by large institutional players. These institutional players are international corporations that have trading offices all around the world.

They operate markets off of a limited number of movement and a few strict rules.

One of these rules is that the Market Markers are given a daily and weekly limit that they may move price. This limit is regulated and in place so that the markets do not become unbalanced or destroy themselves.

Daily And Weekly Limits

The Green and Orange Arrows represent where price has passed the Market Maker's daily  limits. They may push price outside of these daily limits but usually return price to their given allocated range before the end of the day.

The Green and Red Triangles represent where price has been pushed beyond their weekly limits and needs to be brought back into their weekly range.

These arrows and triangles can be thought of as extreme overbought and oversold levels.

Detailed user manual can be found here

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Master Shredder

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